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Let me introduce the Amazing scenery on the Oki Islands UNESCO Global Geopark.

” I can’t believe these pictures were shot in Japan!” One of my friends from…

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Let’s Go to Lake District of Japan ”URABANDAI” and Enjoy Cherry Blossom Viewing!

I suppose  “Urabandai” is still a hidden gem for foreign tourists. It is located in…

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5 Wineries in Japan to Travel to and Fill Your Heart, as selected by Daiji Iwase, Alcohol Magazine Editor-in-Chief

Japanese wine is often talked about, such as when it was served to dignitaries at…

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Matsuuraichi Shuzo (Imari City, Saga Prefecture)

5 of the Best Sake Breweries Today , as Selected by Satoshi Tomokiyo, Author of “Cultural History Guide of Sake and Their Breweries”

Sake is loved all over the world – even in France, a global center for…

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1. King Seimen (Ouji,Tokyo)

The Best 5 Ramen Shops! Ramen Editor Masataka Sasaki shares the latest Ramen Trends

Tokyo, a battleground where a fight to reach the summit takes place every day, with…

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5 of the Best Komainu and their charms, as Selected by Takako Minoshima, Author of “Komainu Sanpo”

Have you ever paid attention to the komainu (狛犬 guardian dogs) at shrines? Ms. Takako…

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