Welcome to Trip Planner Japan!

Is the first thing that comes to mind when you think about the term “trip planner” a specialized search engine used to find an optimal means of traveling between two or more given locations?
This website, Trip Planner, is not a search engine. It is unconventional travel guidance from Japanese travel editors.

We have operated the Japanese version since 2012.
To all travelers who would rather get a deeper understanding of Japan rather than visit places crowded with foreign tourists, Japanese travel writers and editors bring you information about the real Japan, including its culture, history, and current trends.

It is, so to speak, a search engine run on human power to introduce destinations off the beaten track. We hope through our site you’ll discover in-depth information that you wouldn’t find anywhere else in Japan.


Miki was born in Tokyo and raised in the Tokyo metropolitan area. She has studied cultural history at university and her thesis was titled ‘Thomas Cook and Packaged tours’. Post-graduation, she worked as a writer/editor for various magazines and publications. In 2000, she started a career in the internet industry as a web content manager, web editor, and web director. She loves solo travelling, photography, history, nature, food, architecture and handcrafts.