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What Is “Wagashi”? Traditional Japanese Sweets are Evolving now!

What Is “Wagashi”? Traditional Japanese Sweets are Evolving now!

When I was a child, many people said that Sushi was not accepted by Western people because they aren’t in the habit of eating raw fish.

They also said, that Nori, which is the Japanese name for edible seaweed, is also not accepted by Western people, because they don’t like to eat black colored food.

Nowadays Sushi has become a very popular food around the world.
I believe that people’s opinions may have been due to prejudice.

Nowadays, Sushi, Ramen, Curry rice, Japanese food is common around the world, however, I think Japanese sweets, we call them “Wagashi”, are not famous yet.

Anko, Japanese sweet red bean paste, is a very important ingredient for Wagashi.
Many Japanese people say that Western people don’t like sweet red bean paste.

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Shaved ice with matcha syrup and Anko(azuki bean jam)

Should I doubt their opinions? I think Wagashi has the potential to be a big hit in the world.

Western people are not familiar with Anko, but there are many varieties of Wagashi these days.

At convenience stores, we can find a lot of western-style wagashi.
For example, Daifuku (rice cake) stuffed with sweet filling not only red bean paste but also whipped cream, Dorayaki stuffed with chocolate cream, and so on. I am interested to find out what kind of Wagashi western people find attractive.

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