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Go on an exciting Japanese tour today, for free!

Go on an exciting Japanese tour today, for free!

Would you like a free Japanese tour curated by a Japanese travel expert?

At Trip Planner Japan, we’re always looking for native English speakers who will travel within Japan and report their experience to us.

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Please send us a sample of your writing as a way for us to gauge your skills (500 words or more) through this contact form. Include the theme of a walk through an area you’d like to experience as well as the charms of traveling in Japan.

(EX) I want to cut my own bonsai tree, I want to walk around and see the modern architecture of Tokyo, I want to discover cheap antiques, I want to try all sorts of Japanese ‘Eki-ben’, I want to visit an Izakaya only Japanese people would enter, etc.

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Those who are chosen through the writing screening will be able to experience a plan suggested by a Japanese travel editor.
Food and travel expenses for each trip will be covered by the site operating company. (for travel expenses, up to JPY 5,000 covered per day. As a general rule, the destination will be in the Tokyo metropolitan area).

<Participation Requirements>

  1. People who can, within 1 month after the press tour, be able to write 3 or more articles (each 1000 words or more). Also, people who can take photos and videos themselves.
  2. People who are okay with pictures of their face and videos of their activities during travel being uploaded to the website.
  3. People who can attend necessary Zoom meetings.

*We gladly welcome anyone who can register articles through WordPress. *We gladly welcome those with photo/video taking skills.

<Regarding Recruitment>We will personally contact those chosen for recruitment. Please understand that if you are not contacted within a month, you were not chosen for recruitment.

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